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T2. Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Buildings

Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Buildings The importance of conservation, historical buildings, built landscape, urban fabrics, buildings and engineering works, are of great importance to preserve the cultural reference of a community. Under this topic authors should present studies regarding the structural performance of historical buildings, consolidation measures and technologies for …

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T3. Sustainability, Innovative Materials and Design


Trends and developments in traditional building materials; Environmental Impact (ecologic, social, economic); Hybrid Materials and Structures (composite materials, lightweight structures, high performance, adaptive building envelope, green building); Technologies in Construction Process (performance, recycling technologies in building materials). The need to find an optimum balance between structural safety, environmental and economic …

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T4. Performant Lifelines


The topic aims to present new research papers in the field of rehabilitation or new water supply systems and electrical power networks. Topics covers the following directions: advanced geospatial modeling technologies; innovative materials and manufacturing; improved loss estimation and high performance simulation of system reliability; intelligent monitoring and remote sensing; management …

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T5. Indoor Environment and Energy Efficiency


The topic aims to present new research papers in the field of energy consumption reduction, utilization of renewable energy and indoor quality environment. The topic covers the following directions: Application of solar and other renewable energy sources in buildings Heat recovery systems in buildings Energy efficient buildings Energy sustainability, resilience …

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T6. Applied Mathematics and Physics

Section Physics The recent years have manifested a considerable interest for the novel physics and the novel opportunities offered by. This section will cover theoretical and experimental progress in the Modeling of Physics Phenomena with the Aid of Computers in Civil Engineering, Applied Physics, Ecology and Environmental Engineering and Environmental …

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T7. Engineering Graphics


The oldest form of communication among human being is the communication of ideas through the graphical language. It has its origins as back as 500 BC in the ancient Egypt when symbols were used to convey the ideas among people. Engineering graphics is the language for communication and documentation of …

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T8. GIS, Remote Sensing and Urban Planning


A geographic information system (GIS) allows the visualization, analysis and interpretation of gather data in order to identify and understand relationships, patters and trends of various types of phenomena. Therefore GIS is an important tool to understand what is happening and, more importantly, what will happen in a designated area …

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T9. Transportation Infrastructure Engineering


This topic propose to promote innovation and progress in transportation infrastructure engineering through research and practice. This topic intends to cover roads, railroads and bridge problematics for engineers. The content of topic is focused on sharing information on transportation infrastructure engineering from practice, research, innovation and policy by researchers and …

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T10. Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering

Geology Engineering, Geotechnics and Foundations The diversified nature of the site conditions for the constructions, correlated with the soils predictive behaviour interacting with the natural and built environment, permanently generates the need for sharing our research and projects, through papers that will be published, taking into consideration the following topics: …

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