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T1. Safety, Reliability and Integrated Risk Management

The vulnerability and resilience of an area, be it urban, rural or any other area of interest, are key elements of reference for the characterization of an effective prevention policy. The ultimate goal of researchers and practitioners alike is to ensure the safety of communities through reliable risk and vulnerability assessment methods.

The vulnerability assessment of urban environments represents a comprehensive knowledge about both geometrical and structural building features, as well as soil properties. It represents a very challenging task, especially for areas prone to natural and/or anthropogenic disasters (e.g., earthquakes, landslides, fires, flooding, a.s.o.).

The topic addresses the following areas of research:

  • Seismic vulnerability and loss assessment;
  • Fragility analysis of civil engineering structures;
  • Base isolation and energy dissipation systems
  • Progressive collapse;
  • Structural fatigue;
  • Fire safety (effect of high temperatures on structures, fire dynamics, human behaviour, etc.);
  • Extreme climatic actions on buildings (strong winds, floods, surges, etc.);
  • Integrated risk management and risk reduction policies;